Becoming the higher expression of ourselves

Philosophy and Mission

Ego Friendly Living, LLC (EGFL) promotes oneness and unconditional love through personal inner-change, self-compassion, self-love, and self-commitment.

In EGFL we provide tools through yoga therapy session, meditation teaching, food awareness, and sound healing to awake the body, mind, and spirit. As a trauma informed organization, we provide a safe place for healing and growth though.

We offer private as well as groups sessions. 

Giving to oneself it is essential to fulfill one the most elemental Universal Laws: As you give to others, you must give to yourself. 

In the spirit of commitment toward creating a compassionate world a percentage of Ego Friendly Living profits will be shared with The Embracing Project (TEP). TEP is a grass root non-profit organization founded by Esther Rodriguez Brown. TEP provides services to teenager victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and violence. You can find out more about TEP visiting


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Contact Details

(702) 355-6864

Meet Esther


Esther Rodriguez Brown has been practicing yoga and meditation for almost 20 years as a part of her spiritual and personal growth. She finally decided to become a yoga teacher at the age of 47 inspiring others to follow their dreams regardless their age.

As one of the few yoga teachers with Ayurvedic approach in Las Vegas, she is known for her grounding, healing, and restorative style of teaching. She incorporates her Ayurvedic knowledge to create the appropriate practice to each Dosha. Esther is also trained in Trauma Recovery Yoga (T.R.Y). She is a self-care personal coach and trainer, a meditation teacher, a certified sound practitioner.

She specializes in private classes and small groups.

Esther travels often to India to expand her education and knowledge in yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama, mudras, and other ancient and spiritual practices. She also organizes yoga retreats throughout the year in beautiful locations nationally and internationally.

She earned her 200 YTT in India and is register with Yoga Alliance International.