Transformational Life Coaching (TLC)




TLC sessions help you transform your life in a profound and positive way:

TLC sessions are a 1h 30min long each and can be done over the phone, videoconference or in person at Esther’s office.
Esther creates different type of packages for your own convenience and needs.

TLC One Time Only: One session of 90 min. You just want to consult and get clear over a very specific issue in your life that perhaps is blocking you to move forward.

TLC Packages:

1- TLC Malachite Package: Five sessions of 90 min.
2- TLC Rose Quartz Package: Ten sessions of 90 min
3- TLC Amethyst Package: Fifteen sessions of 90 min
4- TLC Moldavite Package: Weekly sessions of 90 min

a- Esther ask you powerful questions to elicit the core of what is truly important to you, allowing you space for an answer to unfold with the understanding that you have all the answers within. Through TLC sessions you are becoming The higher version of yourself.
b- Each session ends with at least one action item that you chose to work on to create more of what you want on your life.
c- Unlike counseling that often focus on understanding the past and is more advice-based, this form of coaching focuses on the present moment and the infinite possibilities of the future.
d- By putting purpose and intention into action, you will not only explore deeper meaning in your life, but also begin to create a new environment and experience in the way you choose. Even small steps can create big results, and the coaching relationship generates momentum, propelling you forward into what you truly want.

How TLC Packages Sessions work?

1- Discovery call/visit/video: This step takes 1h 30 min. The first 30min are complementary. During this step we will explore areas of interest, goals, and dreams. Ask and answers to any questions that you might have about TLC sessions. If you love what you are experiencing (as you will) we put a plan together for our next session to start our scope of work as a team based on the particular need that YOU identified.
2- SOW (Scope of Work) we put together an initial plan of action that you want to follow based on our Discovery Call. You are encourage reviewing your SOW as we move forward with your sessions and allowed to shift anytime you feel is necessary.
3- Engineering Together (ET). Together, we design your Custom TLC sessions to meet your individual needs. Each session follows a fundamental structure, while the content is customized to your own needs. We will typically meet 2-3 times per month for a specified number of months as determined jointly as we see the results of each session. Sessions are up to 90 minutes, and are held over the phone, videoconference or in person at my office.
4- Unique Toolbox: Esther prepares customized tools for you and assists in creating specialized action items for intra-session work. Tools may include identifying your unique Core Values Blueprint, discovering or cultivating your personal life purpose (PLP), defining what success means to you and charting your success map, identifying blind spots, clearing out roadblocks, creating empowering visualizations and guided meditations, strengthening intuition, developing energy awareness, establishing gratitude and mindfulness practices, and more.
5- Fulfillment: Esther extracts key items from each session and documents the main tools utilized into a written synopsis for you to use as a guide. Action items are implemented and progress is tracked over time. By the end of your TLC Unique Program, you will have a personalized collection that contains the unique blend of tools and methods used within your sessions that you can refer back to for years to come.
6- Achievement: We have lift off! As your customized TLC plan is concluding, we will discuss next steps and any ongoing support you may desire. TLC Unique Plan are designed to allow you to move forward independently with new tools and perspectives to last a lifetime. At the same time, should you want to continue the coaching relationship there are numerous options, including regularly scheduled momentum and expansion sessions.

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